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A new study confirms that public relations internships are where it’s at for young professionals seeking to enter the job market.

College-gig finder InternMatch polled 9,000 students about what they want from an internship and ranked their experiences thus far. The study confirmed that internships are key to securing a full-time job after graduation. And not just one internship – the study found that students with paid internships are three times as likely to receive a job offer.

Here at Hotwire we were both thrilled and a little disappointed in the results of the survey. We were psyched to see students overwhelming chose marketing/advertising/PR agencies are their top pick for internships, garnering 36.9 percent of the vote. We were less excited when we saw how the gender-driven the results were.

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Let’s face it – asking a client who is already paying a hefty retainer to pony up more money for a content marketing campaign can be intimidating. After all, they’re paying you to them earned media – if they wanted marketing, they could ask their own in-house team to do it. It’s really easy for content marketing to go wrong.  The best content marketing should delight (as much as possible), educate and offer up the client as a thought leader in his domain.

Here are a few reasons why content marketing can flop:

It’s too self-serving

It’s boring

It doesn’t teach readers anything new

Bad idea: An e-commerce company paying thousands for a sponsored post about why it’s superior to its competition.

Better idea: Penning an outward facing piece that discusses timely retail trends that impact the wider industry. A piece like this can also feature in-house data, which is more likely to be shared among peers, garner clicks and gain organic interest.

A good way to measure if a piece of content marketing is any good is to ask yourself honestly: Would l click on this if I was a regular person or a person with only a cursory knowledge of the industry? If the answer is “no” then you’ve probably stumbled.

Still, content marketing opportunities with top-tier publications can cost a client a lot of money. Here’s when to advise them to spend it:

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HolmesWe may still be the new kids in town but we’re thrilled to be racking up the honors.

After being shortlisted, Hotwire is a runner-up for 2014 New Agency of the Year, per the editors at The Holmes Report. Our ethos of integrated digital strategy, radical transparency and our belief that a tech public relations agency should have its own in-house technology and editorial, has been incredibly well-received by our ever-growing roster of new clients and growing team.

Brick by brick, we’ve built our New York and San Francisco into bi-coastal powerhouses that can complete with any agency of any size.

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By Cristina Dunning, senior program executive at Hotwire PR in San Francisco

Banksy  FinTechHotwire US had the pleasure of partnering with New Finance again this week! New Finance is a network of over 2,000 professionals actively involved in Financial Innovation through Technology. Members include Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Investors, Service providers, Academics, Students, Government and other interested parties. Many of the new web and mobile platforms that are emerging today and changing the face of financial services are being created by Members of this group. After great success in London, New Finance has expanded its member group to New York and the Bay area – we’re very happy to be supporting!

Last night was the second event hosted by New Finance in San Francisco and had a more informal feel than the panel session that took place last November, including networking and a more collaborative FinTech conversation. The founder of New Finance, Eddie George was interested to find out what type of meetup works best in the Bay area and what type of experts and content he can help bring to FinTech startups here.

Attendees including Sam Madden, founder of and Sam Weiss, Co-founder of Money Works noted that to reach a wider audience, New Finance may consider moving the event around the Bay area throughout the year or a back-to-back session with a morning meetup in the south bay and an evening networking meetup in the City.

The next New Finance event may take the form of a workshop with several experts for FinTech companies to meet with including PR, legal, and VCs – we’re looking forward to helping support in the coming months! To learn more about New Finance and topics including Bitcoin, crowdfunding and compliance, identity and insurance visit their YouTube page where you can watch past meetups.

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